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24 Before 25 (A Birthday-Goals Recap)

Last year I wrote a list of 24 goals to work on before turning 25 and posted it on the blog here. The idea wasn't to achieve every single item, completing the list perfectly, but rather to keep them all in mind as a point of focus throughout the year. Let's see how I did, shall we?

24 before 25

01. Regular strength training (Get stronger)

I started lifting weights soon after my last birthday, but I wasn't able to keep up the habit. However, I did start running in October (something I always wanting to do but wasn't confident enough about to even put on my list). I've kept it up regularly since then, and it's definitely made me stronger.

Verdict: + Progress made

02. Stick to a budget that includes saving for: my next car, a mortgage, the big R (retirement).
So much foreign #money that needs to be exchanged - #febphotoaday

I have managed to stick to a budget and to save money. Unfortunately, most of that savings has gone into car repairs.

Verdict: + Progress made

03. Sew more, especially clothing (lingerie?)
01/13 Home Tour: the dressing room

The closest I've coming to achieving this goal is to compile a Pinterest board full of handmade lingerie inspiration. I do think this is a goal that I will eventually achieve, but it might take more time than I initially thought, and I'll probably need to buy a serger.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

04. Discover a new favorite band
The Slackers - #lastnight

I now I'm way behind the times on this one, but I've gotten really into Camera Obscura in the last year. I'm going to see them at Bunbury, our local music festival, next month and I couldn't be more excited. Also exciting, and also playing at Bunbury, is my friend Megan's band The Mitchells. I would love their music even if I didn't know them, but the fact that I do makes it that much more fun! I also got to see one of Ryan's favorite bands, The Slackers in concert for the first time, and I developed a whole new respect for them; it was a great show.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

05. Discover a new favorite blog
Auggie's helping me catch up on my blog reading.

In July, Ryan and I got engaged, and soon after I started reading Green Wedding Shoes. It's sooooooooo Pin-able!

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

06. Paint more.
Watercolor of mine from awhile ago #photoadayapril #colour #color

I created a lot of art this year, but I didn't do much in the way of painting. I did some, but I wanted to do more.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

07. Travel somewhere I've never been
Our trip to Chicago

I went to Chicago and to Las Vegas. I had a blast in both places, but I'd been both places before.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

08. Make lots of things for Bear.
I made a mobile for my nephew. #babyshower

I made a few things for my new nephew, a stuffed, mounted deer head and a bird mobile, but I'd like to have made more.

Verdict: + Progress made

09. Make a Halloween playlist
It's fall, y'all! - #pumpkin #wellies

I've wanted to do this for a long time. I finally buckled down this year and made it happen. If you like, I can post it this coming Halloween.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

10. Do something that scares me.
Where the fuck am I?

Sometimes, I answer Ryan's phone for him when he's driving. And, because I'm me, this is akin to riding a roller coaster. Also, I've been working on asking for what I want and believe I deserve in professional situations. I still wish I lived with less anxiety, but I've definitely been facing my fears this year.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

11. Wear more jewelry.
La Marinière outfit: marinière striped top, jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties, sparkly suede clutch, Noir jewelry dinosaur bone rib cage cuff bracelet, J.Crew pavé cable link bracelet, arty ring, neon bangle

This year, the arm parties got pretty real. Not to mention the beautiful ring I've been wearing on my finger since July.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

12. Have some picnics with Ryan.
Ryan's feet

We've had a few lovely beers under the weeping willow at the park (their concession stand sells them, so it's totally legal), and we've done a lot of reading together on our picnic blanket, but no actual picnics.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

13. Go to the drive-in again
Late-night double feature with Rye

Having loved drive-in movie theaters as a kid, I was craving a reemergence of that lovely summer tradition. This was the first goal I ticked off the list, as Ryan and I went on my birthday last year and again a few weeks later. I'm definitely going to work drive-in movies into my summer plans this year as well.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

14. Improve my French
Faire le devoir

Ryan and I both studied French in high school and college, but hadn't worked on it in a few years and wanted to take some serious steps toward trying to achieve fluency (a lifetime goal of mine since I was a kid). So, for Christmas, we asked my mother for French lessons at L'alliance Francaise. We've been taking weekly classes since then and we've both improved a lot. It's such a fun thing to do as a couple, and living with a person who's studying French too makes practicing so much easier and more enjoyable.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

15. Grow things
Tilt-shift photography technique

The herbs I planted died very, very quickly. But the cactuses are still kicking.

Verdict: + Progress made

16. Start some holiday traditions with Ryan
The 12 dates of Christmas - #christmas ##xmas

Ryan and I embraced the "12 Dates of Christmas" this year and made marshmallow peep s'mores for Easter.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

17. Invent some new recipes
Winter recipe: pearl couscous salad with chickpeas, blood oranges, purple onions, and fresh mint

Some of my favorite recipes I created in the last year can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

18. Get Ryan to Austin (SXSW?)
My favorite place in all of Austin

We weren't able to go this year, but Ryan is pretty enthusiastic about the idea of going next year, so hopefully this goal is still in progress.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

19. Photo albums / scrapbooks
Last night was for one of my favorite black-and-white movies on a big screen and photo-booth fun.

I've done some research into Project Life and Artifact Uprising, but I haven't put any plans into motion just yet.

Verdict: + Progress made

20. Decorate my locker at Anthro
Instagram calendar

This one's still on the back burner.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

21. Host a themed party
Playing host and hostess #madmenparty

After the success of our Mad Men party, I was itching to host more theme parties. Ryan and I hosted a holiday engagement party last December, but I'd still like to do more with this goal. I especially like the idea of coming up with new, creative theme ideas.

Verdict: + Progress made.

22. Create a better blog banner
banner fixed

As I toyed around with blog banner ideas, I decided to redesign the look of my whole blog. Read about it here.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

23. Learn to stalk the best food trucks.
Greek fest! Best festival food all summer!

Somehow food tastes better when it comes out of a truck. That said, I've learned in the last year that locating these mysterious and delicious creatures is more difficult than it looks. I'm going to keep trying, though.

Verdict: X Goal not achieved

24. More video blogging
Video Blogging

I've only done one fully-edited video blog so far (see it here), but I'm proud of it and the work that went into it, and I'm definitely going to do more in the future.

Verdict: √ Goal achieved

* * *

Overall, I achieved 11 goals and made progress on six more, which I think is pretty good. I'm working on a new set of goals for this year. What goals would you like to achieve by your next birthday?

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