Friday, July 30, 2010

Converse lookout

In Stockholm I noticed that the Swedes are all about Converse. I already have a pair of black allstar lowtops, but I came home craving a pair of gray onestar hightops. Journey's doesn't have them though. Perhaps I will order online from somewhere.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My take on the socks with heels trend

If your eyes are open to the fashion world, you've no doubt noticed that a long time fashion no-no (socks with heels--even open-toed ones!) has been popping up everywhere. Having always been a lover of breaking fashion rules, I am totally enthusiastic about this trend. However, I think that some heels are better suited for socks than others. In my opinion, the heels that look best with socks, are those that are either really open and strappy, or completely closed toed. The heels that are somewhere in the middle don't look that great to me. For example:

Here the openness of the heels, makes the socks/heels combo work.

Here the closed-ness of the heels, makes the socks/heels combo work.

Here the mostly closed/slightly open looks of the heels is so eye-catching on its own, that adding the socks makes the overall look too busy.

Another thing to remember is color. The first two looks use soft neutral shades to keep the palate simple (since the shape and texture of the look is complex). This works for a soft, romantic look. But in the third look, the contrast between black and white is so jarring that the whole thing looks a little messy.

What I wore today 07/28/2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Loving these flats

I'm in love with these flats from Modcloth. They're less than $30, so I may have to buy them... if I find a way to justify the shipping cost.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Packing for Paris

I started packing for Paris and Stockholm today, and let me just saying that it's quite a feat. Needless to say, I want to look gorgeous and stylish in Paris, especially since the last time I was there (and only other time), I was 14 and my style sense consisted of very little style and even less sense. Example:

So, I started going through my closet and soon it became very clear that I would need to take a wear a lot of dresses. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear; they make putting together outfits while traveling easy, and they make any occasion feel special. But which dresses to wear...? I laid several out and the bed and began to think.

Perhaps one of these for a night out at a nice restaurant:

Possible outfit for the plane:

^New shoes. See them in this look.

Dresses recently back from the ironing pile:
^See folded flowers dress in this look and in this one as well.

Some of my favorite dresses that I'll probably take:
^See some of these dresses on lookbook here, here, and here.

Maybe one or two of these wild cards:
^See some of these dresses on lookbook here, here, and here.

So many shoes to choose from:

August checking out my luggage:
(Wearing a hat on the plane, means it won't get crushed in a suitcase)

What I wore today 07/10/2010

Everything is thrifted but the socks and shoes.