Monday, August 30, 2010

What I wore today 08/30/2010 is now open to the public

In a controversial decision a few days ago, Yuri Lee, the founder of, opened the formerly-invite-only fashion community to the public. Anyone can join, so if you're interested, I highly recommend it. I'm a little obsessed actually.

And even if you aren't interested in posting looks, it's worth getting an account for the forums and the inspiration you get from other members.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jessica De Lotz is a jewelry designer with a great whimsical, fun, and truly unique point of view when it comes to her style. I'm quite inspired. Check out her closet (courtesy of and you will be too.

What I wore today 08/27/2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jekyll and Hyde fashion

Watching's videos (which I've been doing obsessively lately) has lead me to contemplate how I would describe my own sense of style. If I were interviewed, like the people in the videos, how would I explain the Death to the Pixies shirt hanging opposite the vintage sailor dress, the sleeveless denim jacket that I like to pair with floral dresses, the combat boots that share space on the closet floor with not one but two pairs of ballet-inspired shoes featuring pink satin ribbons that lace up my ankles (flats and espadrilles)?

But to me it makes perfect sense. I have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde since of fashion. I love girly things like lace, pearls, and floral, but I also love androgynous things like men's vests, suspenders, and tuxedo shirts. To me, it's the mixing of these opposing aesthetic elements that creates and balance of yin and yang in my outfits. I like to temper a ruffly dress with a punky studded belt, and tone down the sexiness of a mini skirt by pairing it with Converse high tops.

Here are some examples:

Girly shoes and a short skirt are paired with a menswear vest.

An otherwise boyish outfit is made feminine with a floral skirt.

My boyfriend's jeans look ladylike when paired with a Chanel-inspired jacket and sparkly heels.

What I wore today 08/22/2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sparkle, sparkle: Nicole Youngblut

Another inspiration for the day. This girl is young, fun, cool, and colorful. I adore her whimsy and her general aesthetic. Check out her closet.

Kimme Aaberg, vintage goddess

This girl has an incredible aesthetic and great taste. Check out her wardrobe.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Style Like U

I've recently become slightly obsessed with, a website that hosts video tours of closets of fashionable people. There is an emphasis on individuality over haute-couture-type fashion, and most of the stuff is second hand, handmade, or unique in some other way.

Here are some of my favorite closets that I discovered today:

Alessandra Calabi grew up in Milan, where stylishness is second nature, so she "never really thought of [her]self as into fashion." She describes her style as a "French schoolboy," wears exclusively black flats on her feet and also mixes up nice clothing with something more casual to keep from look "too smart."

Ashley Shaw, who works as an accessories assistant for Instyle Magazine (hello dream job!), wears lipstick all the time and has a kind of old-Hollywood movie star meets glamorous mess look.

Ally McCormack, like me, has a love of plaid and a kind of sophisticated schoolgirl look. Having grown up on old movies, she has a passion for the glamor of vintage clothing.

The Uniform Project

In May 2009, a girl named Sheena set off on an adventure in fashion that would change her life and the lives of underprivileged children in India forever. She started the Uniform Project.

Her mission: "Revolutionize the way people perceive ethical fashion and place social responsibility at the center of consumer culture. Use fashion as a vehicle to make acts of charity more inspired and playful, enabling individuals to rise as role models of style, sustainability and social consciousness."

How did she do it? According to her web site, "with fashion as her medium, and education her cause, U.P founder Sheena Matheiken launched the Uniform Project, pledging to wear one little black dress for 365 days as an exercise in sustainability and a fundraiser to support the Akanksha Foundation – a non-profit organization providing education to children living in Indian slums. And for the next year, Sheena reinvented her uniform solely using accessories that were either vintage, handmade, reused or donated."

What followed was a year of amazing fashion and over $1,000,000 raised for the Akanksha Foundation.

Now, the year is over but the UP (That's Uniform Project, not upper peninsula) is not. She's gotten other people involved in started their own uniform projects and you can too.

Here's just a taste of what the UP looked like. For more images, check out her web site.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Christina Hendricks models a handknit scarf for friend's Etsy account

As some of you may know, I have an Etsy shop where I sell pendants and am soon expanding to vintage and handknit items. Well, I just discovered that the actress Tamara Mello (best known for her work on the show "Popular" and in the film "Tortilla Soup," also has an account, and recently, she got her friend Christina Hendricks to model one of her original scarves. Pretty cool, huh?

What I wore today 08/09/2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

What I wore today 08/05/2010

Tying silk scarfs

Like any fashion lover in Paris, I was recently reminded of my love of silk scarves, and impressed by the many smart ways Parisian woman have of tying them. After buying a couple for myself (as well as gifts for my and Ryan's moms, who both looked after our cat while we were in Europe), I found this great scarf-tying guide. It's got more options and better instructions than any others I've been able to find.

Some of my favorite ways are...

The bow tie:
The men's tie:
The French twist:
The casual:

I got an early start on my silk scarf wearing while still in Paris...

Here I am with a scarf tied in the "casual"...
...and here with a tie of my own invention.

What I wore today 08/04/2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rethinking which high tops I want

Maybe I should get these from DELiA*s instead of plain gray ones. Hmmmmm...

What I wore today 08/03/2010