Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jekyll and Hyde fashion

Watching's videos (which I've been doing obsessively lately) has lead me to contemplate how I would describe my own sense of style. If I were interviewed, like the people in the videos, how would I explain the Death to the Pixies shirt hanging opposite the vintage sailor dress, the sleeveless denim jacket that I like to pair with floral dresses, the combat boots that share space on the closet floor with not one but two pairs of ballet-inspired shoes featuring pink satin ribbons that lace up my ankles (flats and espadrilles)?

But to me it makes perfect sense. I have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde since of fashion. I love girly things like lace, pearls, and floral, but I also love androgynous things like men's vests, suspenders, and tuxedo shirts. To me, it's the mixing of these opposing aesthetic elements that creates and balance of yin and yang in my outfits. I like to temper a ruffly dress with a punky studded belt, and tone down the sexiness of a mini skirt by pairing it with Converse high tops.

Here are some examples:

Girly shoes and a short skirt are paired with a menswear vest.

An otherwise boyish outfit is made feminine with a floral skirt.

My boyfriend's jeans look ladylike when paired with a Chanel-inspired jacket and sparkly heels.


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