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DIY Industrial Shoe and Coat Rack (Inspired by Urban Outfitters)

DIY Industrial Shoe and Coat Rack (Inspired by Urban Outfitters)

When I saw this industrial storage rack from Urban Outfitters I knew it was exactly what we needed for our entryway. It's got the simple, masculine, industrial look that I'm always attracted to, and it's the perfect size to store our favorite shoes and jackets.

But, I couldn't see spending $500 on something I could make myself with a few boards and pipes. Especially since, as Ryan pointed out, we'd probably have to assemble it out of the box anyway. So, this past week, Ryan and I picked up some supplies at Home Depot and put together one of our own.

The supplies cost about $200 and the whole project took about a day including shopping time and drying time. Home Depot cut the boards and pipes to our specifications. The best part was that we could customize the rack exactly how we wanted it. For example, I spray painted the connecting pieces gold to match the gold accents in our front room.

We used black iron pipe, but you could also use galvanized steal or copper for a different look, or you could spray paint the pipe another color.

DIY Industrial Shoe and Coat Rack (Inspired by Urban Outfitters)

Two 3/4" thick 18"/46" boards, one cut in half crosswise (If you can't find these exact detentions, don't seat it.)
Four 10" pieces of 3/4" pipe (At Home Depot these were pre-cut pieces called "nipples.")
One 43" piece of 3/4" pipe (for the short side)
One 42" piece of 3/4" pipe (for the top rail)
One 65" piece of 3/4" pipe (for the long side – We bought this one on a separate trip, first measuring the mostly-complete rack to determine the exact length we would need.)
Ten 3/4" floor flanges
Two 3/4" iron elbows
Four large casters with locks
Screws to fit the floor flanges and the casters (Make sure they're short enough not to go through the boards.)
A power drill with a drill bit slightly smaller than your screws and a screw bit to fit your screws
A can of matte clear spray paint or another wood finish, sealer, or stain
A can of metallic gold spray paint

DIY Industrial Shoe and Coat Rack (Inspired by Urban Outfitters)
DIY Industrial Shoe and Coat Rack (Inspired by Urban Outfitters)

Start by treating both sides of the boards with the matte clear spray paint. This will protect them somewhat from the water and mud you track in on your shoes. Spray paint the flanges and elbows on all sides with metallic gold and let dry.

Attach the casters to the underside of the long board with screws, drilling first to give the screws something to dig in to.

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, attach the 10" length of pipe with the floor flanges first to the bottom board and then to the other boards. You will need to rotate the flanges slightly so that flanges on opposite sides of the same board each have room for all their screws.

Use the final two flanges to attach the short-side pipe to the top board and the long-side pipe to the bottom board. Use the iron elbows to attach the side pipes to the top rail.

Stand back, admire your work, and Instagram the shit.

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