Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recipe: Corn-flake migas

Cornflake migas recipe

Growing up in my family, migas were standard breakfast fare. They were our most common way of cooking eggs, and probably our most common breakfast food after cereal.

So, I was quite surprised when I mentioned them to Ryan one morning and was met with a blank stare and the request that I repeat myself. I did. Once again, a blank stare. "What word are you saying right now?" he asked.

I, of course, immediately taught him the pleasures of scrambling your eggs with bits of tortilla chips and cheddar cheese. He responded enthusiastically, and it wasn't long before he'd invented his own bastard version: Mediterranean migas, made with pita chips and feta cheese.

As a purest, I wasn't entirely sold. However, I recognize that the version I grew up with (using tortilla chips instead of tortillas) is its own bastardization of a Tex-Mex dish that is, in turn, a bastardization of a Spanish dish involving day-old bread.

I think what we can all agree on is that scrambled eggs are better with melty cheese and something crispy-crunchy cooked into them.

It was in that spirit, that I devised this corn-flake version one morning when Ryan and I were getting a bit of the 11AM-and-haven't-eaten-yet crankies, and we didn't have any tortilla chips on hand.

Cornflake migas recipe

shredded cheddar cheese
corn flakes
salt and pepper

01. Heat enough butter to cover your skillet's bottom over medium heat.
02. Crack eggs into a bowl, add salt and pepper, and beat with a small whisk.
03. Pour egg mixture into skillet. Top with just enough cheese and cornflakes to cover.
04. Let cook for a while, scrambling with a spatula as you go.
05. Serve with salsa. Or, as my Texas family calls it, hot sauce.

Cornflake migas recipe

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