Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding Pinspiration: the decor

The inspiration behind the theme of our wedding comes from the winter that we fell in love. Ryan and I chose the date, January 24th, because it will be our 5th anniversary. And we want our wedding to bring to life all those snowy memories as a way of sharing our love story with our family and friends.

Therefor, the visual style is going to be all snowy, wintry, and cozy.

One of our favorite memories from that first winter is of kissing under a snow-covered evergreen in front of his apartment, so I want to incorporate lots of evergreens into the decor. Apart from them, however, I want to keep to a color palate of winter white, dove gray, and metallics. 

The first thing I was sure I wanted (after choosing the date) was an evergreen chuppah. What better way to recreate the kissing-under-evergreens memory than to share our first kiss as husband and wife under an evergreen chuppah? I'm going to partner with my parents to make one that is an unique as Ryan and I are.

Wedding Pinspiration

Wedding Pinspiration

I want the decor to be a mix of elegant metallic details (like gilded fruits) and rustic touches (like burlap table runners). And, of course, I want all the decor to have a DIY bend.

I also feel drawn over and over to the festivity of flags, ribbons, Christmas lights, pomanders, and various garlands. I'd like to create a very three-dimentional space with lots of things strung though the air.

And, you didn't think for a moment that my wedding wouldn't involve tiny flags in food did you? It's an obsession!

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