Friday, March 15, 2013

How to rock the mismatched earrings trend

Mismatched earrings trend

I've mentioned before my recent penchant for wearing mismatched earrings. As a near-exclusive wearer of studs, I find it to be a nice way to add a bit of subtle interest to your look. It's one of those things that a friend won't notice or mention until a good two hours into a hangout session (and many won't notice at all), but, in my experience, it never fails to elicit the "what a great idea!" response.

In addition to being a great way to avoid the choice between two awesome pairs of earrings, wearing mismatched studs is also a great way to extend the life of earrings long after loosing their mates. In fact, in the case of the plain-white-peal stud and rhinestone stud seen below, both are earrings I found, never laying eyes on their mates to begin with.

Mismatched earrings trend

Some of you -- those who love wearing mismatched socks for instance -- probably need no cajoling at this point to mixup your earring drawer and never look back; you might even be excited to try out a more obvious look such a mismatched danglies. 

But, for those of you wondering where to begin and how to keep this trend looking . . . well, intentional . . . I have a few tips to keep in mind. 

The first is that the studs you pick should be relatively similar in size. For example the pavé ball and pyramid above are both about 1/4" in diameter, while the pearl and rhinestone above come in at about 1/8".  In this way, the amount of earlobe showing stays the same on both sides, giving your face an overall appearance of symmetry. 

Another tip is that you should have fun playing with contrasts, which is, after all, the point. In my opinion, the best pairings have just enough similarities (including size) that they work together, but just enough contrast to add visual interest.

For example, in the first photo, both earrings are pavé (a nod to uniformity) but their shape is vastly different: one a smooth sphere, the other all edges and angles. 

In the paring below, the shapes are also vastly different, but the uniform gold color lends a hint of similarity.

Mismatched earrings trend

And here, both earring share a circular shape but differ vastly on their surfaces, one being a sparkly, encrusted pavé, the other pearly smooth. 

Mismatched earrings trend

Finally, I love the idea of clashing the essential attitudes of each earring. Much as I enjoy toughening up a girly dress with a leather biker jacket, the idea of pairing a classically preppy pearl stud with a punky spike is endlessly appealing to me.

Mismatched earrings trend

I hope you have as much fun as I did finding surprising pairings in your jewelry box. And I hope my tips are helpful to those of you that might be a bit tentative when embracing this trend. Vive la mismatch!

Pavé pyramid, pavé ball, golden bee - Anthropologie
Pink pearl - a gift
White pearl, rhinestone - found
Circular spike - Tobi (though not a site I'd recommend) 

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