Friday, May 31, 2013

How to Cultivate Eclectic Personal Style (a Cheat Sheet)

How to Cultivate Eclectic Personal Style

I was flipping through this book recently, and was struck by the way the author described "eclectic" style. She broke the book down into chapters, each featuring a different style: "Bohemian," "classic," etc. But, when she got to eclectic, she described it as being a combination of different styles.

Basically, you go through life, experimenting, changing your style every few years. Maybe you're a bit punk in high school, but by college you are more Bohemian, and after that you start to get into minimalism. Eventually, you have your own, unique, "eclectic" style comprised of all the best parts of each genre. You kept the leather jacket from your punk phase, and your favorite maxi skirt from your bohemian phase, and now you wear them both with a breton top from your minimalism phase. That's eclectic style!

Wow, I thought, that's such a good description of how personal style can evolve!

I have so many reference points for my own style, from designers to movies to characters in books! Sometimes I full-on embrace the character I'm feeling that day and dress 100% nautical or 100% grunge. But, more often than not, I combine a few seemingly contradictory references into one outfit.

Here are some of my favorite examples from past outfit posts.

Farmer meets Rockabilly

The rockabilly elements of this outfit (leather, nipped-in waist, saddle oxfords) are grounded by the country sensibility of a gingham button-down.

Farmer + Rockabilly

Heidi meets Western

The heidi braids are a nice contrast to the denim-on-denim look of this "Texas tuxedo."

Heidi + Western

Punk meets Romantic

This is a combination I wear a lot. I love to tone down a tiered dress with a leather jacket or dress up a band tee with a floral skirt. As opposites, these two styles work together in perfect, balanced harmony.

Punk + Romantic

Military meets Garden Party

A casual, olive-green jacket makes a silky floral dress more appropriate for daytime. Add tights, and you've got a way to wear a summer dress in the colder months. 

Military + Garden Party

Casual meets Glamorous

Another great example of how contrasting elements can make an evening piece daytime appropriate: a white t-shirt is the perfect counterpoint to a sequin skirt. 

Casual + Glamorous

Sporty meets High Fashion

What can I say? Sometimes, you get the urge to wear Versace to the tennis court. Versace for H&M, but still. 

Sporty + High Fashion

'20s meets '50s 

Era mixing is a great way to keep vintage clothing from looking like a costume. Here, a '50s cardi gives shape to a fringed flapper dress. 

'20s + '50s

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  1. Hey! Found your blog at IFB. That's very good post. Thank you for sharing!

    x, Daria

  2. I love like... ALL of these. Especially farmer + rockabilly. SO cute! :)

    xo Ashley

  3. Wooow very creative and really eclectic! I'm impressed on how you mixed all these styles! I'm sure it's been very funny doing it all! And I'm sure that if we had a look at our outfits everyday we could find plenty of this kind of mix, cause nowadays everything is "trendy" and I'm sure all of us own at least one piece of clothing for every 1900 decade XD But your mixes and matches are awesome anyway. Cool cool cool!

  4. I clicked on your Outfits link and that is such a great idea! I love how all your looks are together in one place. Debbie @