Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men party in Instagrams

I've been dead set on the idea of having a Mad Men party for a while now. I wanted to invite people to get dressed up, and I wanted to make a slew of kitschy, retro food. I knew that the looooooong-anticipate season 5 premiere was a thing worth celebrating, so I invited friends to come over Saturday night ("Premiere Eve") to revisit the season 4 finale in preparation.

I did have fun planning the menu, and I got more use out of the vintage mold I use for cranberry sauce. I started cooking early in the day with an apron thrown over my slip; I felt very '60s housewife-y. There was punch and a small drink-making station, and everyone dressed up. I hung up vintage ads and decorated the table with a typewriter and polaroid camera from the period. I had a lot of fun planning, and I think we all had a great time celebrating.

If you feel inspired, and want to have your own Mad Men party, might I suggest the season finale as a good time. Though, it's really always a good time to throw on a vintage dress and start wrapping chicken livers in bacon.

Edit: More fun vintagy-ness from cool bloggers at IFB's most recent Project, "Vintage Vixens."

Apron over slip: getting ready for our Mad Men party Pigs in blankets #madmenparty
I hung up vintage ads around our place. #MadMenParty
The "Mad Menu" #madmenparty
The spread #madmenparty
Ryan scrugs, "Why not eat plain wonder bread? It's the sixties." #madmenparty Part people #madmenparty
Playing host and hostess #madmenparty Men #madmenparty
Drink station with instruction cards for vodka gimlets and Cuba libres #madmenparty
Party punch #madmenparty Party's end. #madmenparty

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  1. I need to start watching this show, the fashion looks amazing! Love these pics, looks like you had such a good time.

    Alexandra xo