Monday, March 19, 2012

Our weekend in Instagrams

This was another full and enjoyable weekend. We had a jam session with our friend, Megan who's a violist; we impulse-bought a melodica and have been picking out some tunes on it; I made Irish stew, oaten rolls, and pistachio shortbread for St. Patrick's day; and we went to the museum center to see an exhibit on the Roman city of Pompeii.

A man and his melodica . . . Umm, we impulse-bought a melodica. Playing the melodica on the kitchen floor
Jam session with Megan on the Viola and Rye on guitar
It's pansy time outside my Kroger. Good luck rings for St. Patrick's day
Rose gold and silver rings and watches
Baking pistachio shortbread - #stpatricksday
I made Irish stew and Karen rolls for St. Patrick's Day Ryan and I got our Roman History on at the museum center yesterday.
Auggie-weight helping to flatten out our new Roman emperors poster

You know when you buy a poster -- say, of Roman emperors -- and you're trying to flatten it out? Here's a tip: have a cat lie on it. Oh, Auggie, he's so super helpful. :)

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