Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Recipe: Peep S'mores


Traditionally, for me, Peeps have never been anything more than a distraction from Reece's eggs which, having a superior peanut butter : chocolate ratio to the standard Reece's cups, are basically the greatest thing ever.

Marshmallows, on the other hand, are not really my bag unless homemade, miniature and melting atop hot chocolate, or toasted and sandwiched with chocolate between graham crackers.

I suspect a lot of you feel the same way, which is way I'm sharing the only way to eat a Peep: Peep s'mores.

Easter recipe: Peep s'mores

And, if you think of s'mores as strictly a camp-ground food, think again. They can easily be made in large batches in your own kitchen using a broiler.

I made these with my brother just before sitting down to the Game of Thrones season premiere (talk about bliss!) We arranged the peeps atop a square of chocolate and a square of graham cracker, and popped them under the broiler until the peeps were toasted on top and the chocolate was a little melty.

Then, we topped them with graham crackers and baked them for a minute or two, just until the peeps were melty throughout. I felt a bit sadistic subjecting these little guys to the flames, but boy were they tasty!

Easter recipe: Peep s'mores

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