Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Weekend (in Instagrams)

Have you heard? It's spring. #pretty #flowers #springtime

We had a great weekend. I ran for the first time since getting sick, and it was lovely. The canal by our home that I run next too was full of geese and three blue herons, and the fruit trees that were planted there last fall are all in bloom (the cherries are my favorites). 

We also saw a great show, The Slackers (with a cool local band, The Pinstripes opening for them). Ryan, who spent most of his teens and early 20s in Punk Ska bands, has been dying for me to see the slackers with him because it's his favorite show to dance at. I must say, it was not a disappointment. 

The blooming flowers everywhere made this weekend extra special, as did the opportunity to see family (albeit sometimes briefly). We met Ryan's sister and her family at Ikea, my parents (who just got back from Paris) stopped by my work, and we spent Sunday night at my brother's home with good food and Game of Thrones.

Instagram weekend
This makes me happy.
Instagram weekend
Sunday's are the best. I love my brothers cooking and Game of Thrones!!! #yum #dinner #sunday

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  1. Your nail polish is awesome! What colour is it?


    1. Thanks. It's "Jade Jump" by Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. I love it because it's the only mint color I've found that is so opaque I only need one coat.