Friday, January 27, 2012

DI(fr)Yday: How to make twig antlers for your wall

Inspired by these lovely pieces, I created a method for making something similar to mount on my wall. You may have noticed my deer obsession. My awesome sister-in-law did and so bought me an incredible floral collage deer print from Urban Outfitters as a house warming gift. I'd already been planning to make these twig antlers, and when Ryan pointed out how great they'd look mounted with the print I knew he was on to something. I really love how the colors play off each other.

How to make twig antlers
How to make twig antlers
How to make twig antlers

Here's how you can make some of your own . . .

You will need:
How to make twig antlers

- Twigs
- Small wooden wall mounts (available in woodworking section of Hobby Lobby)
- Paint in desired colors and paintbrush
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- A small amount of leather cord
- Brackets for wall mounting

How to make twig antlers

Step 1. Paint your wooden mounts. You may need to mix paints to get your desired color. Make sure to cover the mounts with color up to the edges, but you need not bother with the back side.
Step 2. Pick out pairs of twigs from what you've collected. You may need to trim them.
Step 3. Cut the ends of the twigs at a angle with the slant on the back of the twig so that it'll be flush with the mount.
Step 4. Glue short strips of leather cord around the base of each twig as shown. The leather will help hide the glue as well as giving the glue something to get ahold of.
Step 5. Once the paint on your mounts has dried, attach the brackets to their backs.
Step 6. Glue each twig to the mount, holding them softly in place until the glue dries enough to hold on its own. Make sure each twig is angled up and out the way you want it.
Step 7. Hang your newly mounted twig antlers on the wall.

How to make twig antlers

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  1. Very cute decor!