Monday, December 12, 2011

Apartment wish list

We're moving to a new place in Northside! It's a great building, bigger space, and our favorite neighborhood in town. We are so excited!

Quite possibly our new home

Since we signed the lease -- heck, since I saw the place (and even before that, really) -- I've been dreaming of lovely things for our new home. Some of these items are affordable and practical things that I actually have plans to buy or make; some are luxurious daydreams or long shots. Either way, however, everything on this list will give you an aesthetic idea of the elements I feel make a place look and feel like home.

Apartment wish list
Clockwise from top left: Window shutter used as mail holder, Pinterest; worn brown leather armchair, Craigslist; wooden wall-sconce mason-jar vases, OldNewAgain (Etsy); floral deer collage, Urban Outfitters; cream and robin's egg deer-head statue, BananaTreeStudios (Etsy); deer-head hook, Urban Outfitters; coffee-table gas fireplace, BrasaFire; vintage chest of drawers for extra kitchen counter area, Pinterest; mint-green mid-century-style fridge and gas oven, credit here and here; portable USB turntable, Urban Outfitters; red striped paper straws, Kirkerland; "Lip Tease" and "Drip Tease" tea sets, Reiko Kaneko

I just can't wait to give you a home tour in a while when everything is settled!

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