Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Color Theory: Gold

Color Theory: Gold

Gold is another color with a long history of symbolism (for obvious reasons). I chose it for December because it seemed Christmasy to me, and then I remembered that one of the reasons it's associated with Christmas is that it's believed to be one of the gifts of the magi (gold, frankincense, and myrrh) each of which was itself a symbolic gift at the time.

But, even without the symbolism, gold is aesthetically pleasing. When I was growing up, there was a rule that you were supposed to choose either gold or silver to be your color, and all the jewelry you wore had to follow suit. I chose gold, which was my "official favorite color" at the time (I was about six).

Years later, gold felt dated: all the baby boomer women I knew had gold wedding bands, while the Gen-X ones had silver, platinum, or white gold. I wanted to look young and modern, but I didn't want to abandon gold entirely, so I decided to break the "rule" and wear both colors together. Not long after that, I began finding two-tone jewelry, a reassuring sign that I was not alone in my love of wearing gold and silver together.

It must be said, also, that gold doesn't have to be metallic. There is a kind of mustardy-marigold color that I'm quite found of wearing. But it deserves its own edition of "Color Theory".

However, metallic gold (in deed, all metallics) must be one of my favorite things. Technically neutral, its pops of shine and sparkle can be added to any outfit to turn up the volume.

Here are some examples of how I've worn gold recently. I've crafted it a bit different this time so that each picture links to the whole outfit photo. So get clicking if you want to see the bigger picture or more photos of anything.

Gold Guns Girls by Metric on Grooveshark

How to make a designer chain belt
Black and yellow outfit: thrifted blouse, The Limited A-line skirt, wool tights, Modcloth quilted flats, snake bracelet, vintage Moschino belt
Black velvet vintage dress
skull bracelets, hand-of-Fatima bracelet, Target stag cocktail ring
Outfit - Downton Abbey hair, blazer, jeans,
Outfit - Tucker for Target ruffled back dress, vintage gold clutch, Downton Abbey hair, Ford pickup truck, vintage coat
Outfit - vintage Moschino belt, handmade yellow gingham dress
Vintage pen necklace, vintage gold clutch
Cuffed jeans, quilted ballet flats
Birthday outfit
Ben's wedding

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