Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Surprising ways to wear a sequin skirt

I don't actually own a sequin skirt, but it's one of those items I dream about and plan to buy as soon as the perfect one comes across my path. Part of the reason I haven't jumped on one yet is that the cheap ones (the kind you see popping up at Forever 21 just before New Year's) are really, really cheap; and the nicer ones are usually pretty expensive.

Before I could consent to investing in something like that, I needed to convince myself that I would wear it often enough to justify the price. So, I've been making note of unexpected ways to wear sequin skirts. Ways to make that skirt work for an ordinary day, not just New Year's Eve.

I realized recently, looking through my fashion board on Pinterest, that I've accumulated a number of examples I'd love to share with you now.

First, there's Jessica Quirk of What I Wore who made her gold sequin skirt casual enough for day by pairing it with a chambray shirt and a casual jacket...

Then, there's Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific who made the delightfully surprising decision to pair her sequin skirt with a gingham shirt. Even though gingham might generally be considered just as casual as chambray (if not more), the overall look is more sophisticated than Jessica's, because of the shoes, pearls, and headband (and the fancier coat rather than more casual jacket). Generally speaking, Jessica dressed her sequins down, while Blair dressed her gingham up. But both created a wonderfully surprising look that I'd love to emulate in my own way.

Finally, there's Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook who pairs her sequin skirt with a sleeveless heather gray t-shirt (possibly the most casual top there is) but keeps the look heightened with all sophisticated accessories. Overall, I'd say Andy's look hits a note between Jessica's and Blair's.

So, I think I'm ready to buy that special skirt when it comes along. I'll keep you posted, sharing my own styling choices to keep the skirt fresh, surprising, and suitable for daytime.

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  1. Nice selection, Celeste!

    I found your blog via IFB:) Stay in touch!


  2. found your blog via ifb as well ;)

    i love andy's look most out of the three, it's the most wearable and versatile one and won't look too out of place in the office during the day. nice post!

  3. I love sequin skirts! I think it's a nice way to break up the fancy-top-with-jeans look when you go out (instead, it's a fancy bottom with a plain top!). Like you, I'm waiting for the perfect one to float by :)