Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday recipe: Brussels sprouts with bacon and apple

Here's another holiday recipe idea. I made these as a side for Thanksgiving and they were popular even with those that thought they didn't like brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts with bacon and apple recipe

It's another Martha recipe (found here) of course. Holidays just wouldn't be the same for me without her. I know it's deeply uncool to love Martha Stewart, but I really admire her creativity, the joy she finds in the little things, and her sense of humor. I honestly think she's the bee's absolute knees.

I think the real key with brussels sprouts is that they should be sauteéd or, in this case, roasted, rather than boiled or steamed. They need some browning or caramelization to counteract their inherent bitterness. Of course, tossing them in bacon doesn't hurt either.

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