Friday, December 30, 2011

DI(fr)Yday: How to make a mirror bra for New Year's Eve or everyday wear

How to make a mirror bra
How to make a mirror bra

This DIY project is the perfect thing to make any outfit worthy of New Year's Eve. It probably makes most of you think of Lady Gaga, but bloggers Andy Torres and Chiara Ferragni provide perfect inspiration for how to make the look wearable.

Here's how to make yours . . .

You will need:

How to make a mirror bra

- A plain black bra in your size
- A hot glue gun and glue sticks
- Small square mirrors (available at craft stores) How many you need will depend on your cup size. To give you an idea, I'm a D cup and I needed about 200 half-inch square mirrors.

How to make a mirror bra

Step 1. Hot glue the mirrors one by one until you've framed one cup all the way around.
Step 2. Begin the next round by glueing a mirror in each of the three corners and then connection them with rows of mirrors.
Step 3. Continue in this way, beginning each row with three mirrors in the three corners until there is a small triangular space in the center of the cup.
Step 4. Glue mirrors in the three corners of the triangle and then in the free spaces left.
Step 5. When the cup is completely covered, glue mirrors to the second cup in the same way.

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