Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I wore today 11/01/2011 ($#&@!)

After wearing so many browns and mustards and oranges as Halloween approached, today felt like a good day to go back to black.

Aren't these tights amazing? They always make people do double takes, and I love it. A few years ago I never would have worn something so eye-catching and weird, but I'm a lot more comfortable with myself now and I love that feeling.

Happy All Souls Day, everyone!


Vintage black velvet mini dress - Goodwill
Punctuation and symbol tights - American Apparel
Vintage Chanel bag - Ebay
Quilted and studded flats - Modcloth

* * *

This is an outfit of comfortable favorites. You've seen the shoes about a zillion times, and the dress is an old favorite that I once even wrote a poem about for a school assignment.

It's not one of my best poems, but, as it's relevant here, I'll share . . .


This Goodwill smells like dust
and cement. Horrible music is
playing. The metal hangers,
digging into my arm, leave black,
oily marks on my wrists.

Inside the dressing room—floor covered
with rejected clothes—I try on my findings.
A navy United Airlines stewardess dress
squeezes my ribs too tight
and spreads across my angry hips
in pull-lines, like sand-ridges across a vast desert.

But the short, black, velvet dress hugs me right,
caresses my waist and grazes my hips,
like a lover, leading a ballroom dance.

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  1. I've seen these tights...and, yes, they are amazing!! :D

  2. YES the tights are amazing!! love the bag aswell tho :)