Monday, November 7, 2011

IFB Project: What's your sign? - Gemini


Independent Fashion Bloggers are all posting their thoughts on their zodiac signs this week. I'm a Gemini, the twins. Gemini is characteristically defined as the communicator, which is definitely my primary talent. We are also supposed to be creative, spontaneous, and often going in too many directions at the same time - definitely me.

I rarely get bored or lack inspiration, but I always have trouble finishing one thing before moving on to the next.

I think a person's sign can be a nice source of inspiration for style and art. Coco Chanel, a Leo, incorporated lions into a lot of her designs (putting their faces on buttons and so forth). I love lions as well because they remind me of Coco as well as of my father and Ryan who who are also both Leos as well.

In fact, inspired by the lion motif of Coco's apartment, I recently picked up this lion pillow at a thrift shop and added tassels to make it look more luxe.

Gemini-inspired fashion is a bit different though. I suppose there's something Gemini-ish to symmetry, but I also thing that there's something about Gemini that suggests asymmetry as well - the battle of light and dark, the balance of yin and yang - two halves of a whole struggling to find harmony. And, I think a bit of that is reflected in my Jekyll and Hyde sense of style.

Painting the roses red

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