Thursday, January 19, 2012

My winter uniform

Want to know a secret? I wear the same thing everyday.

I mean, not the same same thing, but roughly the same thing. I have a winter uniform of sorts.

I'm not ashamed of it. The truth is that every outfit is unique even though they're all made up of the same basic components.

That's why I want to share my uniform formula with you; because, it's such an easy and fun way to create outfits that are uniquely me. And, once you formulate your own formula, you'll find it's easy to create outfits that are uniquely you.

Are you ready for my secret recipe? Here it is . . .

1 part tights (black, patterned, or colored)
1 part dress (preferably patterned or colored, A-line preferred)
2 parts shoes (boots never fail; oxford and flats also great)
1 part cardigan or blazer

My mixing and matching these basic components (and sometimes adding a belt or something for spice), I create the majority of my winter outfits. I mean, really, just look for yourself at some of my recent outfits . . .

Fish scales outfit: Anthropologie cardigan, ruche floral dress with lace yoke, magenta tights, striped canvass lace-ups
Black and yellow outfit: thrifted Ralph Lauren mock wrap dress, wool tights, thrifted leather jacket, Vinvienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes
Black and pale pink outfit: tights, open-back jersey dress from Urban Outfitters, thrifted blazer, quilted flats from Modcloth
Christmas outfit: Anthopologie sweater, H&M dress, fair isle tights, vintage saddle oxfords
Northside outfit: pea green Urban Outfitters dress with lace collar, cardigan, leather belt, leather boots

If it's a sunny day, I may forgo the cardigan/blazer, but the other components remain . . .

Me on the trampoline
Longhorn outfit: thrifted belt, urban outfitters dress with lace peter pan collar, green tights, leather boots, wooden board swing

Other times, I trade out the dress for a skirt, but the recipe is still distinctly recognizable . . .

Purple outfit: purple tights, studded ankle boots, '90s mini skirt, cashmere sweater, grape necklace
Christmas eve outfit: green tights, leather boots, vintage suede mini skirt, Anthopologie sweater
Christmas outfit: DIY skirt made from thrifted men's shirt sleeves, spotty tights, quilted boots, Harvard shirt, vintage girl scout cardigan

It's not that I'm boring or lazy. It's just that I've figured out that what I really love more than anything else are dresses and tights. I've given up on trying to be one of those sophisticated trouser women. I'm a dress girl and I've embraced it.

As far as I'm concerned, the sooner you figure out what you love, the sooner you can build your wardrobe around those things. You'll still mix and match for endless possibilities, but every look will be distinctly and genuinely you.

I wear a new outfit everyday, but it's always obviously "something Cél èste would wear," and I like the comfort of that.

Do you have a winter uniform? Tell me about it.

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  1. Great post! Winter in NYC it's hard to get away with tights, I'm usually wearing them under pants. My uniform usually consists of double layered leggings or jeans, oversized knit sweaters and a colorful scarf :)