Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Color Theory: Black and White

Black and white

January's color theory isn't on a single color but on a classic color combination. I'm very very into wearing black and white together with no color. It's such an easy go-to look and it really shows off the pattern of whatever your wearing.

I think it's perfect for the new year -- the black and white representing the old and the new -- and I used to sometimes make a black and white cake or black and white cookies for new years in addition to the ultimate black and white New Year's tradition: the black eyed peas my dad always made.

The color combination also makes me nostalgic for old movies and photographs. In fact, I was once in a production of To Kill a Mockingbird where the director decided that every set piece, prop, and costume would be in gray scale as a nod to the classic film that she knew would be in the audience's minds as they watched our production.

But black and white without the gray can be even more striking.

My latest black and white obsession is some bold chevron fabric I'm going to make into curtains. But, until I can show you those, here's some of my favorite ways I've worn black and white in outfit posts. As always, you can click any photo you see for a link to that outfit post. Enjoy the soundtrack. :)

Black Or White by Michael Jackson on Grooveshark

Christmas outfit: Anthopologie sweater, H&M dress, fair isle tights, vintage saddle oxfords
Black and white Missoni for Target chevron dress, wool tights, studded boots, quilted University of Cincinnati vest
Outfit - Urban outfitters "new length" dress with peek-a-boo sides, missoni for Target T-shirt, Payless pirate booties
Outfit - sequin blazer, not my president t-shirt, vintage Chanel bag
Outfit - Nautical
Outfit - rosette halter top, white jeans
Outfit - panda shirt and zebra shoes
Vintage black and white dress

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