Sunday, January 15, 2012

The holidays in Instagrams

Around here the holidays only recently came to an end because we had a belated Christmas with Ryan's family since his sister took her family to Vegas to see her husband's family for Christmas and New Year's.

It was a long, wonderful, crazy holiday season. Here's a recap . . .

Preparations and Christmas day:

Peppermint candy on the window sill
What I wore Christmas day
Dr. Pepper matched my outfit on Christmas morning

First perppermint mocha of the year
Holiday Obsessions: Christmas playlists
Our wine rack

Ikea gingerbread houses
Plaid gingerbread house at Ikea
The house from Up gingerbread style (Ikea)
Japanese Christmas Post-it
My parents' Christmas tree is up
My parents' Christmas tree is up
Under the mistletoe take two
Under the mistletoe
Southgate House

Wrapping gifts with Starbucks and Christamas Classics on Netflix
Wrapping prezzies with Starbucks and Christmas Classics on Netflix
More pretty packages
Presents, pine cones, and the fire
Gifts for Ben and Jenn
One last Gingerbread latte before the season ends
A short break from Christmas shopping for a candy-cane martini at Chameleon

My friend Kim gave me a coloring book and crayons to help me celebrate X-mas with my inner child.
Christmas coloring
Coloring time

A Christmas surprise: my aunt mailed me my grandfather's short stories and poems from college.
A Christmas surprise: my Aunt mailed me my Grandfather's writing published in the 1948 edition of the Providence College literary journal


First night of Hanukkah
Now tights from Asos
The first night of Hanukkah

In Austin with extended family

Me on the trampoline
Me on the trampoline

My sweet cuz, Zoe
Zoe on the trampoline
Zoe on the trampoline

My aunt Lisa on her swing
My aunt on her swing

Me on Lisa's swing -- I always loved it as a little girl.
On the Swing at my aunt's house
Swinging at my Aunt's house

My cousin Becca's baby boy Devin
My cousin's baby playing around on the piano

Frito chili pie pickings
Pickings for Frito chili pie

Maria's Taco X-Press: my favorite thing about Austin
My favorite place in all of Austin

Coming home
Happy to be coming home
On the plane home

New Year's Eve:

Just before going out on New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
New Year's

New Year's Day:

New Year's Day Brunch at Honey
Champagne and hibiscus brunch cocktail on New Years Day
The hibiscus at the end of the cocktail
Black and yellow

Belated Christmas:

Ryan and I shared a yogurt while shopping for gifts at the mall.
Sharing a yogurt with Ryan
Owen and Mister Potato Head

A proper two-year-old, Owen prefers playing with the packaging.
Like any 2-year-old, Owen prefers playing with the packing material.

The boys mesmerized by How the Train Your Dragon
Mesmerized by How to Tame Your Dragon
The boys play "Tame Your Dragon"
Playing "tame your dragon"
Owen and Kiva
Leah taking off Owen's shoes
Ryan teaching Niko to make faces
The boys on belated Christmas
Ryan tossing Owen in the air
My wine glass at Ryan's parents' for belated Christmas
Making homemade marshmallows (up on the blog later this week)
Making homemade marshmallows up on the blog layer this week)

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