Monday, January 9, 2012

Our move (in Instagrams)

I find that capturing little details with Instagrams and piecing them together is a great way to tell a larger story. Do you remember the Thanksgiving recap I did all in Instagrams?

Well, as you may know, Ryan and I moved into a new apartment in our favorite neighborhood of Cincinnati (Northside) a few weeks ago. While there is still so much to be done (hang pictures, make curtains, etc.) the worst of it is behind us and we are so, so, so happy to be living here.

Here's what the moving process was like . . .

Auggie's not quite sure what moving is, but so far he likes it.
Auggie is the mayor of Box City.

That weird in between time when you have far too many keys
The in-between time: way too many keys

A well deserved drink after a long day of moving furniture
A well- deserved drink after a long day of moving

Record player on the floor: Erin McKeown plays the soundtrack as we begin the organize furniture.
Turntable on the floor, playing Erin Mckown while we move in

Adjusting to the new view out the windows, August is happy his reflection came with us.
Auggie staring out the window, trying to get a grasp on his new surroundings

Mattress on the floor for now (can't wait for that box spring and bed frame)
Mattress on the floor for now

Lots of boxes and hampers to be unpacked . . .
Thing in boxes and hampers - so much left to do

. . . but Auggie is a good helper.
Helping pack or unpack, wherever there are boxes, Auggie won't be far away.

Picking up some Billy bookshelves at Ikea
We needed two more Billy bookshelves from Ikea

I have shoe cubbies now!
I have shoe cubbies now! :)
I have shoe cubbies now! :)
I have shoe cubbies now! :)

And garment racks!
I have garment racks now

Which August likes to climb (naughty, naughty)
Are there things over here for me to climb?
Dont worry, Auggie's on top of it.

A few pretty items make the kitchen start to feel homey.
A few pretty things in the kitchen

As do the peppermints on the window sill.
Peppermint candy on the window sill

Cute Easter-egg-colored houses we can see out our window
Easter egg houses

A shop a short walk away sells Jeni's! This is either a very good thing or a very bad thing.
(Explanation of my obsession here)
Market down the street sells Jeni's!!!

August finds all the high spots in the new place where he can get.
If there's a way to get up high, he will find it.

Also a short block away: lots of great places to get brunch. We take a short break from moving to indulge.
Brunch at Take the Cake
Brunch at Take the Cake
All that remained of Brunch at Take the Cake

Hanukkah candles and our new window-scape
The first night of Hanukkah

The first snow as seen from the window
Finally snow!

Our "pretty things table" full of objects that need to find their new home
All our paintings and decor, waiting together on the table while we organize furniture, etc.

Sorting through my teapot collection
Sorting through my teapot collection

Our artist's figures, united at last
Our artist's figures

August is just glad Ryan's dressing came with us 'cause his sock drawer is August's favorite napping spot.
Curled up in Ryan's drawer

Ringing in New Year's Eve at a bar within walking distance
New Year's Eve
New Year's

Having New Year's Day brunch just down the street as well. We can walk everywhere! We love Northside!
New Year's Day Brunch at Honey
Champagne and hibiscus brunch cocktail on New Years Day
The hibiscus at the end of the cocktail

Stay tuned for a holiday recap in Instagrams coming soon!

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