Friday, July 8, 2011

My amazing night as judge of an Iron Chef-style cook-off / What I wore today: 07/07/2011


Earlier today, I made and ate the above goat cheese and strawberry grilled cheese sandwich, and, if you can believe it, it was not the highlight of my day. In fact, it wasn't even the most delicious thing I ate today.

You see, as a member of the Yelp Elite, I was chosen to be a judge along side some local food and event bloggers at Yelp's Iron Chef Cook-Off, which took place tonight. I brought Ryan and we had a lot of fun. The event was fun for anyone, with amazing free food and drinks, but I had an especially amazing time since being an Iron Chef judge is pretty much my dream.

First things first, though. Here's what I wore . . .


Halter top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target

I have been itching for some white jeans or "le jean blanc" ever since I read Parisienne Chic and these definitely fit the bill. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to wear white jeans after seeing these beautiful women rocking them?

6. inesdelafressange
[Photo credit:]

I love white jeans for summer, of course, but I must say that the "no white after Labor Day" rule is as silly as not wearing blue with green or black with brown, not mixing prints, or trying to match your shoes to your bag. Rules are fun to break. Besides, what could be more elegantly wintery than a pair of white pants?


So, Ryan and I drove to Newport (Cincinnati's neighbor just across the river) for the event. He was looking mighty dapper as usual.


One of the things I love about Newport is all the kitties in the antique shop windows.

I was so excited to see my name at the judge's table.

There was quite a crowd. It actually got really hot in the building because of all the bodies!

The Music was great (lots of soul and other '60s stuff). Ryan loved it and I loved the pretty rainbow turntables and boxes of records (the music too, of course).

Ryan made friends with the DJs and got their card.

We ate lots of amazingly good free food and tried drinks like dry hard cider and peanut butter vodka.

Ryan having a hummus moment:
(When he ran out of pita chip, he ate the remaining hummus with a fork.)

Street pops are absolutely my new favorite thing. Ryan had an avocado one and I had cucumber jalapeño. It was the most delicious thing I had all night.

I couldn't help getting a mirror shot in the bathroom. I love lightbulb-framed mirrors because they remind me of being backstage at shows when I used to act and dance a lot.

Judge's table

The ingredient all the chefs had to use in their dishes was Glier's goetta. Goetta is a Cincinnati staple breakfast food of German origin. It's basically sausage mixed with steel-cut oats.

Mmmm... Being a judge is hard, but someone has to do it.


One of the chefs explaining to us what we just ate:

I think this is the universal hand gesture of chefs.

Our new friend Lindsay worked the Goose Island table. Their Belgian ale is indescribably good (so far Belgian food and drink has never failed to dazzle me - I must make a pilgrimage there some day). My favorite, "Sofie," is aged in Chardonnay barrels and flavored with orange zest.


Lindsay gave us some leftovers and I took them home in my purse.


I have to say that this was one of the most fun nights Ryan or I have ever had and the whole thing was free! We are definitely going to more Yelp events in the future.

I had fun because of the food and the drink, the music and the people, but I also had fun taking photos to share with all of you on the blog and I know Ryan did too. I love having this creative outlet. Thanks, everyone, for continuing to read and comment!

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