Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I wore today: 07/12/2011 (Nautical by Nature)

Jessica Quirk (how great is that last name?) who writes the daily personal style blog What I Wore recently came out with a great book where she approached outfit building like a recipe - you have a foundation of neutrals and basics, and you add the right amount of color, print, pattern, and accessories like you would spices and garnishes to food.

The book inspired me to take a look at my closet to see if there were any basics I needed. As I expected, I was a bit lacking in the skirt department. So I went shopping yesterday and found this great A-line black skirt at The Limited. I love it.


I must admit that I love the nautical trend and I'm so happy that it comes back year after year. However, I hate when people overdo it and make it look costume-y. The key to looking chic and not like a trend whore is to do only a couple of nautical things in one outfit - e.i. wear boat shoes and a striped shirt or wear an anchor necklace and carry a bag with rope detailing, but don't do all of it at once.

For this outfit, I chose a striped tank and a straw belt. The shoes, while not strictly nautical still play up the oceanic theme of the outfit.

I'm feeling super comfortable wearing this outfit out in the oppressive heat. Another great thing about Jessica's book is that she gives great advice for surviving summer heat while still looking working appropriate. This outfit isn't for work, but it is still pulled together while remaining light enough for a hot summer day. I'm the kind of girl who you'll rarely see in shorts unless I'm at an amusement park or a bar-b-que.


Tank: Gap
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Target
Watch: Citizen, Macy's
Bracelets: just scraps of things tied around my wrist

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