Friday, October 28, 2011

DI(fr)Yday: Diane Court costume

For this week's DI(f)Yday, I made my Diane Court costume for Halloween. Ryan is going to be Lloyd Dobler. If these names mean nothing to you, see explanation here.

At first I had trouble finding the perfect white taffeta dress I needed, but then I found this one at Casablanca while Ryan and I were in Northside apartment shopping. Casablanca is an old favorite vintage shop that I used to frequent in high school, when it was mainly piles of stained clothing with no price tags. They have become much more organized lately, even sorting things according to color. Ryan hadn't been before, but he enjoyed the trip. He even got a 1980s plaid vest.

It was almost there, but not quite right . . .


So, I transformed it into something more akin to her dress from the party scene in the movie by cutting off all the froufrou, ditching the sash, and hemming it by about a foot.


I then made the bottom excess into her wrap (after some fierce stain removal that is).


For the flower in her hair, I bought a white poinsettia at Hobby Lobby (I think hers was a hibiscus, but all the hibiscuses I found weren't quite the shape I was looking for) and hot glued it to a hair clip. First though, I removed the spacers to make the flower a bit flatter, thusly . . .


What do you think? Pretty close, huh?


I'll post pictures of Ryan and me in our costumes later this weekend. Take care!

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