Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I wore today 08/16/2011 (jockey-chic)

I've been re-watching old Mad Men episodes on Netflix recently, and I've been quite inspired by Betty's incredible jockey-chic riding outfits.

[photo credits: and]

I've played around with riding-inspired outfits before, and, when the weather gets colder, I definitely want to do something with boots and a scarf tucked into a crew-neck sweater. But, for now, here's my warm-weather version of the look.

IMG_0050 - Version 2

Silk scarf - some shop on the Boulevard Saint Michel
Appliqued camisole - thrifted
Riding pants - gap
Green canvass lace-ups - Big Buddha, TJ Maxx

Do you like my vintage '70s Twitter camisole? Gosh, remember how big Twitter was back in the '70s? Here are some of my favorite historic tweets from that time...

@AverageGuy: Bell bottoms are the best pants ever. These are NEVER going out of style!

@Comedian: Just bought a videocassette recorder and wrote what I believe is the first of many jokes about not being able to program it. Also, I may have just invented stand-up comedy.

@Gamer: Wow, Pong is the best thing ever, am I right? #lowexpectations

@Nixon: So, I've decided to delete my Twitter account. ¥-_-Check out my YouTube page for a rap video explaining why. #watergate

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1 comment:

  1. Doing summer versions of winter looks is a great idea!! You should definitely do more of these! And I LOVE that bag!