Monday, August 15, 2011

Independent Fashion Bloggers project: what's in my bag

You may remember the what's-in-my-bag video I made a few months back, but the contents of my bag have changed a lot since then, as has the very bag in question. Plus, IFB is doing a fun project where participants take a photo of the contents of our bags and map it out, much like the last page of Marie Claire (a feature of the magazine that I always love). So, here's mine. Hope you enjoy!


1. My bag

2. My makeup bag - Stephanie Johnson via Anthropologie (filled with everything from Maybelline to Nars, CoverRirl to Dior)

3. Old sets list from my last couple standup performances

4. Luggage repair claim ticket

5. Sunnies - Marc by Marc Jacobs

6. My ballet shoes - I take them everywhere in case the shoes I have on start to hurt me. They're like a second skin!

7. I always have the book I'm reading with me in case I have a chance to escape into it for a few minutes. Right now I'm reading The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters. It's over 800 pages long, but fabulously addictive.

8. Food pairing cards for a few beers I tried at the recent iron-chef style cook-off where I was judge

9. A spare hair tie and clip. I'm never more than a few seconds away from a bun. (Especially important in the summer as long hair can get so hot on your neck)

10. Canvass sunglasses case - Lucky Penny via Anthropologie

11. Tide to-go pen - I'm convinced this was made for people just like me who a) love clothes, and b) spill things a lot. I can't live without it.

12. Space pen

13. Sweetriot chocolate covered cacao nibs

14. Moisturizing Chapstick

15. Dr. Pepper lipgloss

16. My iPhone 3G

17. My ancient Dior wallet

18. My keys - the nail-clipper keychain is shaped like a foot and I love it.

19. Skullcandy earphones (the best!)

20. Looses change - I have no change purse, so there's always a few coins clanking around in the bottom of my bag.

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  1. Hermes Kelly bag is gorgeous! I'm in love with my vintage one! And the classy colour of yours is just to die for!Love the post!

    Check my blog to see the bag and find out what's been hidden in my beach tote this summer;)))



  2. I love your bag! I've been dreaming for a Hermes Kelly for a long long time! Everything that goes in it is gorgeous as well!


  3. Great post! I love seeing what everyone else keeps in their purses :) I especially adore your anthro sunnies case - so cute!