Monday, August 15, 2011

New obsession: heelless heels

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A new architectural style has taken over as the "it" trend for experimental footwear: heels without heels.

Of course, Lady Gaga has been rocking heelless shoes for a while now. But lately, they've shown up on other stars who have managed to incorporate the cutting-edge look into more subtle outfits.

Victoria Beckham
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Lucy Hale
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Though many of these styles have been criticized for "making a foot look like a hoof" (and, let's face it, many of them do just that), others are quite beautiful.

Some of the styles are all front platform, as if someone has quite literally chopped the heel off an otherwise ordinary (though clunky) shoe...
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I don't like that kind nearly so much as the ones with a softer wave effect, such as the Zanotti ones that Lucy Hale wore to the Teen Choice awards...
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...or this similar style by Alexander McQueen...
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...or even these by Natacha Marro...
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And then, of course, there are these strange misplaced or "backward" heels by Marc Jacobs...
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Though I've got mad love for MJ (and you know I do!), I don't like these at all. They are much too literal an interpretation of the trend and they don't have a very pretty silhouette.

If you're considering taking at stab at this new trend in the near future, I suggest that you start subtle and work your way up. Take your cues from Victoria Beckham and Lucy Hale, and the look will be more pointe shoe than freak show.

However, if freak show is your thing (or perhaps you're looking for something to wear to a gothic rave), buy all means, take your cues from Gaga. ;)

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