Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I love silk pajamas

I'm home again and so happy to be, but getting here was a nightmare.

My plane was delayed about four hours, which meant that I landed after 2 a.m. eastern time and hadn't eaten since 1 p.m. mountain (I couldn't go find dinner since I had to wait at my gate in Salt Lake as the plane got delayed more and more incrementally, they didn't feed us on the plane, since it wasn't originally going to straddle dinner time, and by the time I landed in Chicago for my layover at around 11, everything was closed.) Needless to say I was fussy.

Things got worse.

I will spare you the details, but basically my car broke down and after having it towed to the shop, my mom dropped me off at home at 7 in the morning. Ryan had already left for work. I had been awake for 24 hours and hadn't eaten in 16. I crashed. After sleeping for six hours, I got up, ate finally, showered, and realized that I needed to put on some kind of clothes.

It's warm here now. It had been cold when I left, but spring sprang apparently all at once while I was gone. I wanted to wear something light but comfortable. I needed something that I could lounge about it, tending to my exhausted and quite bruised body (from that day of snowboarding between days of skiing), but I couldn't wear sweats. I wanted to be comfortable, yes, but I also wanted to look to Ryan when he got home like the beautiful girl he hadn't seen in over a week, not like a total miserable slob, though I was quite miserable (that is until he came home and we went for a long hike in the woods, my body apparently forgetting how tired it was when I saw how everything was blooming).

What could I wear that would be light and comfortable, but chic and even a little sexy? Silk pajamas of course.

(In case you don't recognize it, the sleep mask is the one I made for Ryan.)

I love how silk pajamas are just as comfy as sweats (more so in warm weather) but have a sexy sophistication that can't be matched by any other loungewear. If you don't own any, go get some immediately. Victoria Secret makes great ones (they made mine) and you will be surprised by how many times they will be your saving grace after a night of delayed flights, starvation, and roadside assistance calls.

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