Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sam Edleman Lorisa shoes

After getting my regular brow wax, I was heading to writing class (already running a bit behind schedule) when I saw the sign that always stops me in my tracks no matter what.

No, not...


It was Dillard's and I had to stop in just to see what they had. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, all the cute shoes were size 6. I walked from box to box, salivating at several pairs of Sam Edleman's, none of which fit me, saying, "You're killing me, Sam."

So, I decided, though I new the danger, that I would allow myself to look at the regularly priced Sam Edleman display. No sooner had I done so than I saw the Lorisa shoes I've been in love with for a while for the first time in person.

They had them in black, white, and a light wash denim. The denim ones were super cute, but I went for the black, since I figured they were more versatile (They'll look good with both skirts and jeans, while the denim ones would probably only work with skirts.)

The 8.5s were a bit loose in the heel (I am plagues by ridiculously narrow heels) but the 8s were too small, so I went with the 8.5s, reasoning that they'd be fine with a heel insert like I've used before with other shoes.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting too excited and changing into them in my car, with no heel inserts. I walked approximately 15 feet down the sidewalk before my heels popped out and I stumbled and fell hard, skinning my knee badly, my ankle even more badly, and (worst of all) ripping my favorite jeans and skinning a bit of leather off the platform near the toe of one of the shoes.

I hobbled back to my car, put on my flats, and proceeded to the bathroom to clean and bandage my wounds.

My knee and ankle are still in a lot of pain, and I need to replace my jeans and mend the toe of my shoe, but I can't be still feel giddy at the sight of the lovely Lorisa shoes that are now mine all mine.

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  1. These shoes are sooo beautiful!