Monday, March 7, 2011

Making a maxi skirt

I went to the fabric store the other day to get some fabric for a maxi skirt I wanted to make and left with a couple extra things.

This lovely blue stretch velvet for this dress I'm planning

This awesome pearl piper to trim the lace yoke in this dress I'm planning

These two patterns

I'm obsessed with these shorts and can't wait to make them for spring.

I love this romper. The pattern called it a teddy, but I think of teddies as those lacy things that are the shape of a one-piece bathing suit.

Of course, I also bought the fabric I came for.

Today I made the skirt. I have mixed feelings about maxi skirts and maxi dresses. I don't like them when they look lazy or look too hippy-ish, but when accessorized right, they can look very sophisticated. I've been quite inspired by the sophisticated way Andy of Style Scrapbook wears them and I particularly like this one that she made herself. I decided to make one like it and today I did.

To make the pattern, I used the pieces of a gathered skirt pattern I had and lengthened them by drawing on the fabric with chalk. I figured out the length I wanted by holding a blanket to my waist and measuring how long I wanted the skirt that way. It was 49" from waist to hem. For the actually fabric cut I added 1" for the hem, 2" for the ruffle allowance on top and 1" for the elastic casing.

The dress was so long that sewing the side seems I actually ran out of the red thread left over from this dress that I was using, and had to bop out for more! After than, I created the ruffle top by folding over 3" and marking with chalk 2" down and topstitching.

Then, I folded under a half in and created an elastic casing by topstitching that while holding the elastic inside.

Here's the finished product. I can't wait to actually wear it out.

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