Friday, July 6, 2012

Images of summer

Summertime #icecream #summer #food

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Summertime has only just begun, but I feel like I've already had so many great summer moments, enough that I want to recap with a little Instagram story

We've been to the drive-in movie theatre twice (Check that one off the list!), had countless ice creams and almost as many cold beers in frosty mugs, made two homemade pizzas, made sushi, gone swimming, been to a couple of festivals, and celebrated the Fourth with our families. Here's to jumping into summer with both feet!

Ombré nails today
Psh, yeah I still wear jellies. Gorgeous blooming prickly pears, here in Northside no less
Dinner last night (Ryan is the best!)
Ryan and I got yogurt last night. #bestbitofyourweekend #photoadayjuneWe saw geese wading in the canal on our walk to the 5/3rd in our Kroger. Ryan and I are tearing through this series.
We had such a lovely walk today. Just to the bank in our local Kroger, but it was lovely.
Sparkling #lemonade Bubble tea is one of my favorite things. #unusual #photoadaymay
I come baring gifts. (Congrats, Nicole!)
Love him - #mustache
Sparkling water, rum, mint, and peaches #drink #summer #fruit Mmmmm... Bedtime snack
A new favorite #starbucks "recipe"
#fromwhereistand New #outfit post up on the blog now - #nautical #stripes
Crisscross applesauce
A welcome sight when I got home from work tonight - #photoadayjuly #bestpartofyourday Auggie likes cherries.
Best farmers market sign ever #northside
Ryan puts his foot down (Little know fact: Japanese shows have super-destructive powers.) Hello hydrangeas! #flowers
Greek fest! Best festival food all summer!
Today's herringbone braid - #hair #braid Ur and orange - Opposites attract
José Cuervo margarita + frozen peaches + blender = summertime heaven
Late-night double feature with Rye
Yesterday's #outfit is now up on the blog - #wiwt #whatiwore #ootd Did everyone enjoy their Independence Day?
Wearing maiden braids today - #selfportrait #photoadayjuly

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  1. Nice photos! I love sets like these; they're like little documentations, all wrapped up in feeling and significance. Please make more of these, they're literally one of my favorite things to stumble upon on a person's blog.

    xo Samantha>>

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've done a few Instagram summaries in the past and plan to do more in the future. A few past ones . . .