Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Featured "Crafty Superstar" on Cut Out & Keep

Cut Out & Keep

The craft site Cut Out & Keep was kind enough to feature my chain-belt DIY tutorial on their blog last winter. Soon after that, they approached me about being featured as a "Crafter Superstar." So I filled out a questionnaire about myself and my crafty life, and sent them seven of my favorite recent projects and recipes to feature.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that last week was my week as the featured Crafty Superstar. Every day of the week, they posted a new project or recipe, and the feedback (especially for my book-clutch tutorial which was also the featured project of the day on the main page of their website) was really positive and a bit overwhelming, and it totally touched my heart.

Cut Out & Keep

I want to thank the good, crafty people at Cut Out & Keep for such a great experience. Not only was being featured on their site fun, but I also found a lot of fun projects I want to try, especially from this girl; her imagination knows no bounds. I think my DIY board on Pinterest blew up with about a zillion links back to her blog last week. 

I also want to thank any new readers that found my blog through Cut Out & Keep. Your interest, enthusiasm, and your wonderful comments, are some of the best rewards of being a blogger. Without loyal readership and generous word-of-mouth marketing, I'd be shouting into a black hole each day. I'd still be blogging, mind you, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. 

Cut Out & Keep

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