Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New favorite vintage shop: Chicken Lays an Egg

My besty, Sarah, came back into town from Chicago, so we had coffee and dropped by Urban Outfitters, where I got a cute backless dress on sale and took a photo of this très inspiring mannequin.

It's rocking the visible bra trend, eh? I want to keep my eyes peeled for a lace shirt at the thrift store that I can cut and sew to a t-shirt to make something like this for myself.

Anyway, then we went vintage shopping at this place in Northside called Chicken Lays an Egg.
(Doesn't the model on the right look like SJP?)

Strange name, I know, but I had read great things on Yelp and it didn't disappoint. I found a lot of cute things and the prices were quite reasonable.

Check out Sarah's awesome vintage coat (it was her mom's) and fair isle leg warmers.

I fell so in love with this bag (wouldn't it make a great lunch pale?), but I totally didn't need to buy another bag, so I left the baby behind.

More gorgey stuff...

They even had vintage dresses for little girls which ranged from cute to hideous.

I love the material of this skirt, but it wasn't the right size.

Again, love the material (velvet, but not the size).

This top was pretty cute, but I didn't end up getting it.

Here's what I did get...

This 1950s skirt that I think will look lovely with my black crinoline

This lovely blouse

This 1960s wiggle dress

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  1. Thank you so so much for such a sweet review! We absolutely love hearing from our customers, and love it even more when they include pictures!! I'd love to put a link to this entry on Facebook page if you don't mind.