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Best and worst dressed at the 2011 Golden Globes

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That's right, awards season is here and with it comes some super fun best and worst dressed list. First up: The Golden Globe Awards

Best dressed finalists:

Natalie Portman looked lovely in this whimsical gown by Viktor and Rolf. That valentine's colors were sweet and the shape flattered her developing baby bump nicely. The only thing I might have changed is the bag. Red was a tiny bit matchy-matchy for my taste. I think something silvery to match her necklace might have been a more astute choice.

Anne Hathaway looked stunning in this illusion-back gown by Giorgio Armani, proving that sex appeal and sophistication are not mutually exclusive.

A gleeful Lea Michele looked like a bubblegum princess in this gorgeous number by Oscar de la Renta. Some said it was too much, but I think, when it comes to ruffles and awards shows and Oscar de la Renta, there's no such thing. Remember the old French saying: "Everything in moderation... even moderation."

Christina Hendricks was looking très va-va-voom (as always) in this figure-hugging gown by Romona Keveza. As with Lea Michele's gown, some said the ruffle was too much, but I have to disagree. I will say, though, she might have rocked it better with her hair back, so that the ruffle could take center stage instead of mingling with her wild hair. Still, she looked fantastic. Johnny Depp must have agreed. Look at him eyeing her from the background.

But the out and out WINNER has to be Angelina Jolie, who took subtle sophistication to a whole new level and blew everyone out of the park with this unique Atelier Versace dress that cannot even be compared to the others. Her hair, makeup, and jewelry were subtle, as was the silhouette, but they all came together with her gorgeous body and face to make her to belle of the ball.

Before we get to the worst dressed, lets take a look at a couple ladies who could have made the best dressed list, but something was a little off.

Not quite there:

January Jones chose red, like her costar Christina Hendricks, but the blonde bombshell doesn't achieve the same killer affect as the redhead. The long fringe on her Versace gown was fab, and the cutaway bodice could have looked super sexy in black, but the ultra-sexy color paired with the ultra-sexy cut made the whole look come off as a bit showgirl-ish. This dress might work at the Grammys, but, at the Globes, it's not quite right. Had the dress been black and had her breasts been separated instead of squashed together, she would have looked like a million bucks. As it is, though, she looks a bit cheap.

Poor Sandra has had a hard year, so I can't fault her for cutting her bangs, but that choppy haircut really doesn't suit the soft, romantic feel of her Jenny Packham dress (and after she wore had one of the loveliest looks at the Oscars last year).

And now, the moment you've been waiting for...

Worst dressed finalists:

Nicole Kidman picked an awfully plain-Jane dress for a night when she was nominated for a top award, which gave off a feeling that she didn't care too much. The Prada dress might have look elegant (albeit at a less prestigious event) if the soft hue of the fabric had been left pure, but that atrocious black broach on her shoulder is all kinds of wrong. What was her stylist thinking?

Again, we have a usually classy woman, looking like she's going to the Grammys (or possibly walking the streets). The short Nina Ricci bustier dress looked cheap, and the combination of textures and lengths was schizophrenic.

Michelle Williams looks like she's getting married in a hippie-ish back-yard-garden ceremony. Someone please tell her that the '60s ended a long time ago. I love Valentino, I love quirky, I love Michelle Williams, but I hate this dress. It might work for another occasion, but on the red carpet, it looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too casual.

Also look far too casual, Heidi Klum. Look, Heidi, I know that you are super excited to wear your new Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 dress (and it's a great dress, I know), but this is not the time or place for it. You look like you're going to the beach. You know I love you, but dressing so casually in disrespectful to the prestige of the event.

But the out and out WINNER (LOSER) has to be Helena Bonham Carter. I love this woman. I love everything about her, including her nutting fashion sense and crazy mouse-nest hair, but this outfit was too ridiculous not to be the clear winner (loser) here. The mismatched shoes are one thing, but the completely unflattering Vivienne Westwook dress was ill-fitting and made of a revolting fabric. The whole thing was just too busy and impossible to process, and gorgeous Helena gets lost in all of it.

And the thing is, she is totally capable of translating her quirky style to red-carpet sensibility. She's done it in the past. I give you exhibits A and B:

Ah, well, you can't win them all.

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