Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY fashion-magazine envelopes

Tonight I've been working on a new DIY project, and while it is only tangentially related to fashion, I thought you guys might be interested. I'm making envelopes out of fashion magazines. Here's a quick photo tutorial in case you'd like to make some of your own. If you'd rather buy some, I'll be listing mine on Etsy soon .

First, I printed this template and cut it out.

Then I found a magazine I was done reading.

I ripped out a page with an image I liked.

The image on the reverse side of the page will be the inside of the envelope.

I cut out an envelope shape using the template.

Then I set down the cutout from the magazine, with the image I wanted on the outside down.

I folded up the corner that's cut straight across from one notch to the next.

Then I folded in the sides the same way.

I spread a narrow line of glue along the edge of both sides of the bottom tab and pressed the sides to it to secure them.

Then I pinched the envelope until it opened to make sure it wouldn't get glued shut accidentally.

Finally, I folded the top tab down straight across at both notches.

And voila!

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