Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dream Dress in T-Mobile commercial

Let me start by saying that I love the art of advertising and I really admire great ad campaigns. I also really hate bad advertising campaigns, and I hate the new T-Mobile campaign because it is an obvious rip of of the old "I'm a Mac"-"And I'm a PC" commercials. That said, I still used to get excited when the T-Mobile commercials came on, because model Carly Foulkes wears this incredible dress in them.
I freaking love this dress, LOVE it. The angle of the stripes at the waist are so flattering and the combination of pink and white is so fresh and feminine. I am dying for this dress.

So, when a new version of the commercial came out, featuring a motorcycle, I was moderately disappointed that my dream dress was gone, but the motorcycle suit Faulkes wore was cute enough to make up for its absence.

But now they have put out yet more commercials with Faulkes in a totally plain looking pink dress with tiny white dots. Total disappointment, total downgrade. Don't put the cutest dress ever on television and then replace it with a boring thing that can't compare. Who is responsible for the wardrobe on these commercials? Someone fire them.

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  1. I love the pink dress... its actually what made me google the commercial and learn more about the designer. Just my input...

    When you see the commercial, check out the actual cut around her arms, across her chest. And the shoes are amazing...