Monday, January 3, 2011

Home decor aesthetic

When I daydream about what I want my future house to look like, there are a few things I'm certain of: small garden, walls of bookshelves with rolling-track ladders, wood floors. But there is also a vague sense of a general aesthetic, the desire to feel warm and for things to be somewhat worn and rustic. I feel like barn wood and peeling paint should be involved, and that a worn brown-leather chair should be in a corner somewhere. Also, pale blues should be around, enveloping the house in a subtly oceanic aura that makes me feel like I might be in a beach house on a rocky cliff somewhere in Maine.

This vague sense of the home decor aesthetic I like can be hard to explain in words (as you can tell by the job I did in an attempt above), but the other day at Hobby Lobby, I saw a couple pieces of furniture that hinted at it. I took photos...

With the fishnet, paddle and everything, this one is a bit too campy, but I would like to do something with an actual old rowboat. I saw an episode of a home-makeover show once where they made a children's play area out of an old row boat filled with pillows and it was amazing.

Here are some more pictures I found that give the idea as well:

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