Friday, June 24, 2011

What I wore today: 06/24/2011

One thing I've observed about my taste in clothes throughout the years is that I love black and white together. My favorite LBD is black with white trim and you can tell that it's a theme that shows up over and over in my looks.

It's just a go-to look that works for me. It's easy and chic and classic. Not to mention Coco loved it.

I also think it's quite natural. Though many of us think of colors when we think of nature, some of the most beautiful animals are black and white: tuxedo cats, dalmatians, pandas, and zebras.

So today, but outfit was inspired by black and white in nature. I give you ... panda shirt/zebra shoes. (The shirt, from World Wildlife Fund, is a favorite of Ryan's. When he sees me wearing it, his eyes get big and he goes "Ooooooh, panda shirt!" -- that anecdote makes him sound 3 and not 30. Maybe you have to see his reaction to understand.)








Shoes: Beverly Feldman
Jeans: The Gap
T-Shirt: World Wild Life Fund
Blazer: Forever 21

* * *

We had fun at the storytelling show last night. York Street Café has this amazingly charming and kitschy dining room with ridiculous toys and knick knacks on the shelves like one big antique store.



Ryan and I sat and worked on our stories together before the show. Isn't he cute?


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