Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion Quest: Black lace booties

I am on a quest for some black lace booties. The inspiration for my obsession began with these VERY SPECIAL transparent Chanel booties that Jane Aldridge has in her closet.

Since then I fell almost equally in love in with these black lace booties by Christian Louboutin, which feature the same lovely shape (both sides of the shoe coming together in the middle with black trim) but are a touch more everyday than the exquisitely costumy Chanel ones.

Now I'm attempting to find something with a smaller price tag than the $720 one the Louboutin's are sporting. (The Chanels were limited release and can't be found anywhere ever if I could afford them.)

First I checked Ebay and found these from Kim Kardashian's line for Shoedazzle. They're okay, but I want something with at least a little more of the spirit that my inspiration has. If not the exact shape, at least the lightly of a peep toe. Also the ankle straps on these are a little too tough for what I want.

On a side note, Kim is obviously just ripping off these Louboutins with this design. I refer you to the ankle straps.


Anyway, after Ebay I searched Shopbop and Shopstyle and found these from Victoria's Secret, but again they are too tough and not dainty enough for what I want...

...and these lovely Valentino's (one of my favorite designers), which cary a hefty $1,045 price tag.

But then there are these on Newport News. They are almost exactly what I want and only $60.00. Another successful fashion quest.


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