Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brown boots and striped top: a match made in heaven

Last weekend, I kept spotting the same effortlessly chic combination of clothes all over the streets of Philadelphia: brown boots and a striped top. I often saw this combo paired with jeans, further enhancing the minimalist glory of it all, but the two pair nicely with skirts as well. Take a look.

The combination is so simple that one might even ask, "why blog about it?" To that I would like to point out that often simplicity begets minimalism which begets effortlessness, which just so happens to be the foundation of chic.

I love new and unique colors, shapes and trends. I can appreciate maximalism for sure. But I hope that fashionistas always remember as we strive to look stylish, that certain classics are classics for a reason: they look damn good. Coco never forgot it, and we shouldn't either.

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  1. Where can i find the first boots of your post ?