Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday recipe: candy-cane cake ball truffles

Candy-cane cake ball truffles recipe

For our engagement party, I wanted to make something like cake pops again, but I didn't want to go to quite as a much trouble as before (i.e. no floral foam in the kitchen), so I decided to make these. I used the same method as the cake pops I made here, but without the sticks. It was ever so slightly less involved, but is still a bit of a process. 

The main thing I learned this time around was that one shouldn't buy round peppermint candies in leu of candy canes just because one wants them to be green against the brown chocolate to match one's decorations. In turns out, round peppermint candies are a good deal more durable than candy canes and do not crush so easily. In fact, the process of trying to crush them into anything between giant chunks and a fine powder, will likely give one's fiancé a rather intense headache. 

Candy-cane cake ball truffles recipe

Last year, I made Starbuck's inspired cake pops that tasted like gingerbread latte and peppermint mocha. This year I did a purely candy-cane-inspired flavor key with white cake mix, pink peppermint-stick frosting, milk chocolate, and green peppermint candy pieces. They were pink on the inside for a fun surprise. Sorry, I forget to get a picture of one with a bite out of it. 

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