Monday, December 31, 2012

Four Simple Goals for 2013

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, I've come up with four simple goals to help me start to year off right. See this post over at ABM for some great tips on coming up with good simple goals. 

My goals sound fairly vague at first, but each is representative of more specific things I'd like to work on.

Four Simple Goals for 2013

01. Say "yes" more. Did you ever see the movie Yes Man? Maybe this is silly, but it inspired me a lot. I'm a bit anti-social, and it's easy for me to turn down invitations, say no to opportunities, and skip adventures. It's important to know your own limitations and when to say "no." But I do think I could benefit from pushing myself a little to say "yes" more. 02. Experiment. Simply put, I want to make more art this year with the tentative goal of selling some of that art. It's easy for me to get overwhelmed by the fact that I don't have a clear picture of what it'll all look like yet. That's why I need to remember the value of experimenting without expectations. 03. Move. Since I started running, I've felt a lot better. I'd like to dance more too, and I'll never say no to a walk in my neighborhood or a hike in this woods. 04. Relax. I get anxious a lot. I worry about the future, try to solve every problem at once, get bogged down in details and miss the big picture. When I find myself doing these things, I need to remember to relax. 

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