Friday, October 26, 2012

My BHDLN wedding gown story (in Instagrams)

Hello there, beautiful gown. #bridal #weddinggowns #wedding

I didn't expect to find a wedding gown so soon. But I suppose I should have, since I knew exactly what I wanted (lacey, romantic, vintage-inspired but still youthful) and what I didn't want (ball gown, strapless, lots of bling). 

But I still didn't expect the search to be easy. Since 99% of wedding gowns are strapless fit-and-flares with lots of bling, I knew that I would have a pretty small sample size to choose from.

And yet, I hadn't been engaged for a full month, hadn't had the ring made, hadn't announced it to my friends and family, when I saw the gown that I knew I wanted to wear as I said my vows to Ryan.

It was just so me. I'd never seen a gown that was so me before. And I knew that I could spend the rest of my 17-month-long engagement looking, and still not find another gown that was as me as this gown was. 

The gown in question is from BHLD. Since it was last year's style, I knew it would be discontinued soon. I had to act fast. I would go try it on, find out if it really did meet all my expectations in person (or, I guest in gown), and, if so, I would buy it. (It turns out it was good I acted fast, as I ended up buying the very last gown available in my size).

Showroom - #weddinggowns
Gowns and gowns and more gowns! #weddinggowns #bridal #wedding #fashion #Angel wing celing

Since BHLD is in Chicago, I enlisted my bestie Sarah, who lives there, to help. I also chose her because she's one of the few people whose opinion I trust, since she knows my style and would never push me toward a gown that she liked if that gown wasn't me.

Also, she's really good at being a mom and snapping all those photos and saying things like, "You look beautiful," and "I'm so happy for you."

And, that's how I came to spend a magical morning in the shopping heaven that is BHLDN's Chicago store, followed by a terrific sushi lunch with one of my favorite people. It was one of those moments I'll cherish my whole life, and I'm glad I have these photos to help me cherish it. 

Love this girl. @sarahbaberson I'm so glad you could join me on this special day. There's no one else I would have had with me.
Spicy crispy tuna makes @sarahbaberson a happy girl. #yum #sushi Minty tulle and white fur. Mmmmm
#Bridal sashes and belts
Such a sweet touch from BHLDN
Special delivery! #weddinggown #bhldn
Sneak peek - #weddinggown

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