Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy #Halloween everybody! #pumpkin
A pumpkin I spray-painted with metallic paint for a cool decoration

Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is my second favorite holiday (and was my very favorite as a kid; not because of the candy, but because of the awesome costumes my mom helped me make . . . and because I was obsessed with the idea of witches and magic and still am a little bit).

I'm not wearing a costume today, but I gave myself Halloween nails and chalked my hair just for fun. 

#Halloween #nails
Hair chalking!!! #color

Last weekend, I dressed as a flapper for a costume party. Ryan went as Aladdin and wore these really killer harem pants I made for him. (The photo just doesn't do them justice.)

Aladdin plays guitar - #halloweenparty

Tonight, I'm going to a Samhain celebration and ancestors dinner. I'm taking a big crock pot of my French onion soup to honor my paternal grandmother who passed away a couple years ago. I feel really grateful to have this opportunity to remember her and share stories about her with friends, especially since I was unable to go to her funeral which was out of town and coincided with my semi-fianals that year.

With Memé in Giverny
Doing watercolor with Memé in Monet's garden in Giverny when I was 14

With Memé in Langres
With Memé looking out over the walls of Langres, our ancestral home, on the same trip

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  1. Cute photos! Love your nails and your costume! Happy Halloween girl!

  2. Happy Halloween! Love the photos, your costume was adorable!

    Alexandra xo