Thursday, May 5, 2011

Preparations for the wedding

The past few days have been crazy getting ready for my brother's wedding, which is tomorrow. In fact, I barely have time to write this post -- I'm about to leave for Hocking Hills where the ceremony will be tomorrow -- but I just had to keep you all updated on the excitement.

Inspired by all the hats at Kate and Will's wedding, my mom and I spontaneously drove to Louisville to buys hats for the wedding. We knew there would be a ton of great hats there since it's derby week.

Plus, it was a good excuse to go to our favorite Mexican food place, El Mundo.

Mmmmmm... prickly pear margaritas.

So many hats, hats, hats...

(About half a second after this picture was taken, that lady made us stop taking pictures.)

I adore the way this Brook's Brother's mannequin is dressed. More people should wear khaki suits in the summer. They are so classic preppy and Gatsby-esque.

This hat was cute and came in exactly the shades of green and blue that are in my dress, but I decided it looked a little too "old."

Instead I bought this one. If felt more "me."

All happy with my new hat boxed up and ready to go:

You know what's crazy. I realized after I bought my hat that it looks a lot like the one I saw Kate Middleton wearing the first time I even stopped and thought what nice style she had.

Don't you think?


Today, I finally finished the dress I made for myself to wear to the wedding. Sorry I couldn't do a step-by-step with photos for you, but my camera's been on the fritz lately.

I finished it in two days and I only burned myself with the iron twice!

(Aloe helps.)


My mom left me this cute note to remind me to bring my nail things.

Well, I'm off. Stayed tuned for another big wedding-related surprise that I can't talk about yet in case Jenn's reading. ;)

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  1. j'adore tous ces chapeaux, superbe!

    Angela Donava