Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fictional Fashion Icon: Hannah/Belle from Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Hannah (alter ego: Belle), the main character of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (which is perhaps my favorite show), lives life according to her own rules and she dresses that way too. With a flair for color as well as structure, she isn't afraid to wear radical and risky outfits. She's the British version of Carrie Bradshaw (and she has more sex).

Hannah is always fashion forward, but when she goes out on a job as Belle she also has a kind of classic bombshell sensuality and sultry beauty.

I also love that she is never afraid to play dress up and has fun with costumes and wigs when the opportunity presents itself.

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  1. I actually just watched the first two seasons last weekend. Great show and choice!

  2. I love this show, and whoever the stylist is does a really great job, plus Billie Piper gives great hair!